Health Consultations

Are you ready to take the next step for your health?

Are you generally  healthy, but want to address some minor health issues?

Are you interested in learning more about your personal health constitution?

Cote will guide you into creating a healthier life for yourself.

If you’re ready to commit to improving your health, sign up for a consultation  today!

Each health consultation package includes:

An hour long consultation: This hour will give you the opportunity to fully discuss your health issues with Cote.

A written plan: After Cote spends an hour discussing your health issues, she will formulate a plan focused on your particular health needs. This will include herbs, diet, as well as exercise suggestions and lifestyle changes. This personalized plan will be your own special roadmap to health.

A second consultation: (30 min via phone), where you will go through the written health plan that Cote created for you.

Unlimited email support for a month.

As an added bonus, Cote will also go over your case study with her mentor Rosalee de la Foret. In this way you are getting yet another health expert’s advice.

This entire health package is offered for $120.

Read more about Cote here.

*A sliding scale or trade may be considered for consultation fees when there is financial hardship

Disclaimer: Cote is not a medical professional and does not diagnose disease, treat disease or prescribe medicine. Your health consultation does not take the place of a medical evaluation.

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