Whapio is coming back to Chicago to offer her Holistic Doula Program!

I took her program years ago and it really changed the way I see and support birth. It gave me the intelligent language to be able to explain and educate my clients not just on what’s happening in their bodies and hormonal changes during labor, but also on what’s happening in their brains. Understanding birth as an altered state of consciousness, really helped me to respect birth, educate and support my clients with more intention to help them navigate birth in ANY setting of THEIR choice.
I have used Whapio’s teachings while supporting birth at hospitals, birth centers and home 💫

If you want to become a doula, or if you are already doula, I invite you to come and expand your vision and understanding about birth.

Come and get your holistic doula certification with us! 🌀

For more info, contact me at cote@ourhealingroots.com

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