“Holistic Dive Into Childbirth”

When: October 8th ~ 10:30am to 4:30pm

Where: Birth Center of Chicago

Registration : https://www.birthcenterofchicago.com/holistic-dive-into-childbirth

This class gives me so much joy. I love to inspire and educate couples in the community about the wonders of childbirth with a big focus on the emotional side of the experience.

We talk about physiologic and undisturbed birth – By understanding what’s happening in your partner’s body, you can be a better support for them

~ Come join me to learn all about labor and postpartum!

This class focuses on unmedicated birth, perfect for people birthing at birth centers and home. We won’t be talking about hospital protocols or advocacy

Please share with the pregnant people in your life 🌟


“ The ‘Holistic Dive into Childbirth” class was incredible. Our mentor, Coté, was extremely caring and passionate when talking about babies and birth. My partner and I gained a deeper understanding of how incredibly resilient babies are and the wonders of the placenta. She really helped take the expectations and fear out of labor and turned it into an empowering journey that you get to experience with your baby. We learned what happens to the body during labor, different comfort measures for contractions and even what state your brain is in. I don’t think we could have taken a better class, my husband and I 100% recommend it.”

Maribel and Alberto

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