About Cote Garceau




Originally from Chile, Cote Garceau is a Holistic Doula, Herbalist and Reiki Master that has been practicing holistic therapies for over 15 years. Focusing to reestablish the connection between humans and Nature, as well as helping women to navigate the process of brith by feeling supported in their choices, Cote blends different techniques and a personal approach to healing and teaching, creating an intimate and unique relationship with every client and student.

As a Doula, Cote believes birth is an empowering and transformative process that is so unique and individual to each Mother. Her passion is to support and enhance the birth experience by using her vast experience of 17 years in holistic therapies. Cote is a certified Holistic Doula with The Matrona and trained in Holistic Physiology of Birth, as well as Spinning Babies technique. She blends and offers different techniques such as meditation with singing bowls, Reiki and ancestral Rebozo to ensure a personal approach to birth and postpartum healing.   In addition, she creates handcrafted herbal products for the whole family and a special line of products for Mom and Baby. She has been invited to teach at the Midwest Women’s Herbal Conference and several events where she has shared her knowledge about the birth and herbs

Cote started her journey with Reiki and meditation in the year 2000 when she was initiated as a Reiki Master in Chile. Since then she has offered her holistic services in Chile and different classes in the US, including Reiki certifications and herbal classes in English and Spanish.

Cote is self-taught in the herbal medicine field, focusing in western herbalism (mostly from South and North America). To expand her knowledge she has attended several conferences and taken classes from great herbalists. In 2012, Cote worked with Rosalee de la Foret in her Mentorship program and in 2013 she studied with Jim Mcdonald’s intensive 8 months herbal program in Michigan and has hosted an intensive herbal weekend with Linda Conroy.


” I love to teach in my community.  My mission is to help people reconnect with the simple but powerful uses of plants and ancestral wisdom.   I like to keep herbalism and natural therapies simple by empowering each other to learn more and to reconnect with the incredible heritage we all carry with us”