About Coté

Born in Santiago and raised in Los Andes, Chile, Coté Garceau-Sáez came to live in the United States, specifically to the Chicago area in her late 20’s. She is the mother of three beautiful children, as well as a Holistic Doula, Herbalist and Reiki Master who has been practicing holistic therapies since the year 2000. Coté went through her transformation into motherhood in Chile in 2003 and since then has been learning, exploring, creating community in a new country, passionate about home birth, attachment parenting, Montessori education, herbalism, different modalities of energy work, community education and birth work.

Coté is a certified Holistic Birth and Postpartum Doula with The Matrona, Placenta Encapsulator and trained with CAPPA as Child Birth Educator. She has also obtained her Advanced Doula Certification in extended studies including: Anatomy & Physiology, Conflict Resolution and Mediation, Holistic Birth, Placenta Medicine, Postpartum, Prenatal Care and Homeopathy. She is also trained in Spinning Babies technique. In addition, she creates handcrafted herbal products for the whole family and a special line of products for both mother and baby. Coté has taught different classes for doulas in the US and internationally, and has taught at the Midwest Women’s Herbal Conference in WI, as well as several other events and classes where she has shared her knowledge about birth and herbs.

Coté is self-taught in the herbal medicine field, focusing in Western herbalism (mostly from South and North America). To expand her knowledge she has attended several conferences and taken classes from renown herbalists. In 2012, Coté worked with Rosalee de la Foret in her mentorship program, and in 2013 she studied with Jim Mcdonald’s intensive 8-month herbal program in Michigan.

Currently, Coté is focusing on her studies in women’s health to become a women’s herbal educator with Aviva Romm.

“Our ancestors left us a legacy that talks about simplicity, beauty and a deep connection and respect for the land around us, and throughout most of human history, birth was always supported by community and plant medicine. My mission is to help people reconnect with their bodies and the incredible heritage and strength that we all carry within. In a time and place where we are still fighting for birth justice at different levels, a call to pass on this knowledge of self-reliance and empowerment is fundamental.”