When we talk about giving birth in Spanish, we say “dar a luz,” which means, “to give light.” You are bringing light into this world. ✨

As a Holistic Doula, I work with pregnant people helping them to connect with their pregnancy, their changing bodies, the excitement and the natural fears associated with birth and as support during the powerful moment of birth and postpartum period.

Giving birth, “dar a luz” is not just a physical process. It is emotional, spiritual and transformative in many ways, and I am honored to be able to share such a powerful experience with you! I will be there to guide you in every step by giving emotional and physical support using different techniques to help you cope with the normal fears and anxiety of birthing at home, hospital or birth center.

If requested by parents we can work with Reiki, breathwork, singing bowls and meditations creating a tailored experience for you.

Vibrational therapy can help build the connection between your body and the universe. Music and sound are widely recognized in various cultures around the world as sources of healing and  improving spiritual alignment. As you hold new life within you, singing bowls can help you resonate with your baby creating a beautiful, stronger bond through this experience.