Journey into Ancestral Birth Wisdom

Our Teacher: Mayra Martinez de Garay Degree in Physics, UNAM, Mexico PhD Theoretical Chemistry, UNILAC, Italy Certified Midwife from Veracruz, Mexico We are honored to host Mayra Martinez in Chicago, from Veracruz Mexico, sharing her traditional Mexican midwifery work and knowledge. Mayra’s experiences are rooted in traditional midwifery practices like rebozo, “sobadas” (traditional massage) and [...]

Herbs for colds and flu

Using North and South American traditions, local herbalist, Cote Garceau, will guide us in making simple and safe home remedies to fight the flu season. She will explain when to use specific herbs and will help us understand their classifications, (demulcent, antimicrobial, astringent, expectorant, diaphoretic, etc). During this workshop we will be shown how to [...]

Nature Walk. 08/12/17

Summer is in full bloom, and this is the perfect time to gather and learn about the beautiful plants that are growing around us. During this gentle walk, herbalist Cote Garceau will help you learn to identify, and use many edible, nutritional and medicinal plants. These herb walks introduce identification, medicinal uses and ideas for [...]