Hi, I'm Coté

As a doula, I work with pregnant people helping them to connect with their pregnancy, changing bodies, the excitement and the natural fears associated with birth and the often forgotten postpartum period.


In Spanish, when we talk about giving birth, we say “Dar a Luz,” which translates into, “To Give Light”. The magic behind such words inspires and guides my work as a doula.

Giving birth, “Dar a Luz” is not just a physical process. It is emotional, deeply transformative in many ways, and in some cases a spiritual awakening. I am honored to be able to share such a profound experience with you. I do not bring any agendas into labor and birth, I honor your choices, your desires for your birth. This is YOUR experience and I am here to guide you without judgment and with deep respect of who you are, your story and your roots.


I see my work in birth as a mentor. This allows me to see how every birth is different and I acknowledge and respect the beauty behind our diversity. As your mentor I honor your inner wisdom and intuition as valid sources of knowledge. I do so without suppressing what you personally bring into your labor, birth and your future as parents. I further support you and your desires to dive deeper into your experience by offering energy work, guided meditations, herbal wisdom and ceremonial rituals. This helps create a tailored experience that resonates with you and your growing family.


It will be my honor to bare witness to your transformation.





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