Duo Doula Package

This package is the same as the Traditional Doula Package, but includes 2 doulas instead of 1. It was created for those who don’t want any strangers (backup doula) coming into their birthing space. Making sure you always feel supported by your two doulas for any questions or concerns, creating a relationship of trust with both of us.

Combining decades of experience and trainings, this package Includes: 
    • One prenatal visit via Zoom with both doulas
    • One in-person visit with each doula OR one in-person visit with both doulas (depending on your busy schedule and how close to your due date we are at signing of the contract)
    • On-call from 38 weeks
    • Unlimited calls, texts, and emails from the signing of the contract
    • Access to Motherboard Birth ($50 value)
    • Full in-person unlimited labor support
    • 20% discount on herbal products
    • One postpartum visit (1-2 hours)
    • Discount on Childbirth Education Classes
  • Working with 2 doulas supporting you
  • 2 doulas on call for you from week 38
  • Group text and in-person visits to make sure you feel supported by your TEAM
  • Always someone familiar available to you.
  • No strangers (last min backup doula) coming into your birthing space


    • Placenta Encapsulation
    • Placenta Art included in total cost

One free consultation: This is the time where we meet to talk about your ideas and desires for your birth, this meeting is about 1 hour long and can happen at your home, coffee house, or via video call. We will discuss the different ways on how I can support you during the process. After this meeting, if you decide to move forward with me, you will receive a welcoming email with a list of resources, books and podcasts for you to enjoy during your pregnancy and we will determine the date for our prenatal visit

First prenatal visit:
During this meeting we check on how you are doing, we will also go over theory of birth , physiology of birth, what to expect at the hospital, navigating the system, holistic birth, brain waves, understanding birth as an altered state of consciousness. We will also talk about creating a birth and postpartum plan.

Second prenatal visit:
We will use this time together to reconnect again and re~center, setting our intensions for the birth, we continue to form a relationship of support and trust, we practice massages and visualizations to start letting go of tensions surrounding birth and to start focusing on expansion, love/oxytocin and trust. If birthing person and partner are interested, we can move from the head space into the heart space with a guided meditation. Most of the time after this time together, pregnant person wants to go to rest and relax. Please understand that I am not a massage therapist, I am just a woman that wants to tend and support other people during their birth process. My massages come from common sense, love and compassion, using oils infused with herbs in my kitchen.

Postpartum Support

Birth and immediate postpartum support: Once you feel that you need extra support during early labor, I like to come over to support you at your home before going into the hospital, or before you call your midwife to your home birth. I stay with you during the whole process and I like to stay 1-2 hours after the birth, to make sure that you are ok and settled with your new born.

One postpartum visit: Between 1-4 weeks after the birth, I come over to your house to check on you, how you are healing, how baby is doing, to answer any questions about breastfeeding, new borns, herbs, etc. We process the birth. This part is very important to close the cycle of pregnancy and birth and to move forward into parenthood. If requested by parents we can prepare a postpartum ceremony


Open to communication via email, text, phone, or video call as long as you need after the birth of your child. As you can imagine, when working with me as your doula, and witnessing you through your transformation, the bond created can become very strong and last through time. I’m here for you as long as you need me.

Communication and Support

Open to communication via email, phone, text, video call: I’m available to answer any questions or concerns. I would love to receive updates after every appointment with your doctors or midwives, to check in and to see how everything is going and to support you in any way I can.

On call at week 38:
This means that I won’t be accepting other clients with your due date and since week 38 I block my calendar for traveling outside of state or going far away from you in order to remain available when you go in labor

Herbal guidance through pregnancy and postpartum:
If you are interested, I offer herbal education and classes on how to use simple and gentle herbs that have been traditionally used during pregnancy and to heal during the postpartum period.

Herbal products available:
I offer 20% discount on my products to my doula clients


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