Holistic Vibrations of Birth

Join local birthworkers Coté, Bri & Celena, in their mission to serve the community through the cultivation of respect and empowerment in the birth experience. These three individuals bring their own unique skill set and experience to the birthing community including herbalism, energy work, medical social work, and doula work to create a holistic offering.

These are not your typical birth classes. These experiential courses not only offer insight on the physiological aspects of labor and delivery, we are also going to dive deep into our perspectives, preconceived notions, and internal structures of coping to prepare you to engage this experience fully. We are here to help new families explore deeper concepts of empowerment through breath, sound, music, gentle touch, and movement; helping you to move past outside influences and stand as a witness to the transformations that happen throughout the birthing process.

In these courses we will be exploring the energy, breath, sounds, and vibrations of birth. We explore the movement of our bodies and the resonance we use to create an opening for an empowered experience.

Course 1: ~Resonating~

In this unique course will work with the physiological connection between our vocal cords, our diaphragm and pelvic floor. Vocalization and movement during labor can be a powerful and gentle coping mechanisms to navigate the physical sensations of labor. When we sing in labor, the sound moves through our bodies, relaxing muscles during and between contractions. Controlled breathing makes space for us to experience something other than pain; we can cultivate joy between mother and partner which creates a guiding resonance for your baby. Finding your voice in labor and allowing your body to move organically helps you to tune into your power and strength

3-4 hours in length

Course 2: ~Reintegration~

Building upon the foundation of course one, this class offers post-partum tools to help you move through the reintegration into life after birth. We incorporate plant medicine, gentle massage, ceremony, breath and nourishment, to offer holistic alternatives for your personal postpartum healing.

2-3 hours

Course 3 ~Ceremony~

Allow us to serve you and elevate your new family in ceremony. This is not a class, we utilize all of the tools we offer in previous courses, to facilitate a ceremony customized to your unique needs. Allow yourself to be pampered and celebrated in your new role(s). This deeply connected experience makes space for you to receive the support, clousure and healing necessary to bring your birth full circle.

2 hours

You will leave these experiential courses with depth, knowledge and practical skills to put in your birthing bag.



Course 1 ~Resonating~
Saturday September 19th 10am-2pm

Course 2 Saturday ~Reintegration~
September 26th 10am-1pm

Course 3 ~Ceremony~
Scheduled privately

Location: (TBD) will be an outdoor space that will be determined by the accessibility and location of the participants who sign up, we will determine a middle ground so nobody has to travel too far.

What to bring: snacks, water, yoga mat or blanket to sit on, notebook, comfortable clothing and an open heart


-Course 1: $200

-Course 2: $125

-Course 3/Ceremony: $150

2 classes and ceremony = $425

If you sign up for each separately the investment is $475

To register contact cotegarceau@gmail.com

~Photography: Brandi Johnson~

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