Placenta Medicine and Art

The most general benefit of placentophagy, according to recent research, is the placenta and amniotic fluid contain a molecule, POEF, (Placental Opiod-Enhancing Factor) that modifies the activity of endogenous opiods. This molecule  produces an enhancement of the natural reduction of pain that occurs shortly during and after delivery.

Other facts about the placenta:

🩸 The placenta is what nourishes the baby
🩸During pregnancy 20% of your blood flows through the placenta
🩸The placenta is not just the birthing person’s organ. Just like the baby, every placenta carries the lineage of both parents and every pattern is unique. They are like finger prints
🩸 The placenta is a gland (secretes hormones during pregnancy) and it is an immune mediator (helps immune system of mom and baby to talk to each other)
🩸The placenta is as yours as your child, if you won’t encapsulate, it is your right to bring it home and give it burial.
🩸I think the placenta is a very humble organ. It is the only organ that grows to help develop the baby and then quietly goes away.
🩸 There is a fetal side and a maternal side. The fetal side (where baby is growing) has that beautiful tree of life pattern that can be captured with a print.
When working with placenta medicine, we are honoring the huge effort and transformation that the body of the birthing person goes through. With love and respect, we create medicine with the placenta.  We reincorporate into the body the nutrients, minerals and hormones that supported the life of your child until birth. Placenta capsules are a significant benefit for the postpartum period.
For birthing people, the connection with Nature is so profound because we carry this Tree of Life within us.
Every placenta has a unique pattern. I love to capture the beautiful and unique imprint of the placenta, by creating a print with food grade colors. This a beautiful way to capture the gift of life as a keepsake.
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