Postpartum Closing
Healing Bath Ceremony

With deep respect to all traditions, I like to offer ceremonies that can help us remember and reconnect with the power of ritual, community, and song during this important time in our lives, creating profounds moments of celebration and healing.

Duration: 1.5-2 hours

Available in English and Spanish

An herbal bath is given to remind us of the deep connection we share with Mother Earth, and songs are offered to help heal and release the birth experience and any trauma that might be stored in the body. The new mother is then lovingly wrapped in blankets for a purifying sweat.

Rebozos are then wrapped around the new mother’s body and gently pulled to physically close the energetic centers and the bones.

The ceremony concludes with an opportunity for the new mother to talk about her experience, helping to process and integrate the depth of the ritual.

During the experience of giving birth, the physical body opens, and so do the emotional, psychological, and spiritual bodies. These energetic portals are open for the new soul to emerge. Based on ancient ways of caring for each other, this ritual is designed to close all of the openings, release the birthing process and bless the new mother for the next part of her journey

This ritual is done in a sacred space, in the comfort of your home if possible. While big pots of herbs are boiling on the stove, the birth story is told and is witnessed in the highest regard. The new mother is given a full body massage to gently prepare the body for release. Live music deepens relaxation.

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