Ceremonies and Energy Work

With deep respect to all traditions, I like to offer ceremonies that can help us remember and reconnect with the power of ritual, community and song during this important time in our lives, creating profound moments of celebration and healing.

Mother blessing

While a baby shower is centered in the new life coming into the community, a mother blessing centers the attention in the big transformation the pregnant person is going and will go through. Recognizing birth as an important rite of passage, this ceremony is the perfect opportunity for the family and community to step forward in honor and support for the pregnant person as they prepare for the big day.

We work together to create a celebration that resonates with you and your community.

This ceremony can be offered in English or Spanish. Its about 1.5-2 hours.

Postpartum Closing~ healing Bath Ceremony

During the experience of giving birth, not only does the physical body open, but so do the emotional, psychological and spiritual bodies. These energetic portals are open for the new soul to emerge. Based on ancient ways of caring for each other, this ritual is designed to close all of the openings, to release the birthing process and blesses the new mother for the next part of her journey

This ritual is done in sacred space, in the comfort of your home if possible. While big pots of herbs are boiling on the stove, the birth story is told and is witnessed in the highest regard. The new mother is given a full body massage to gently prepare the body for release. Live music deepens the relaxation.

An herbal bath is given to remind us of the deep connection we share with Mother Earth, and songs are offered to help heal and release the birth experience and any trauma that might be stored in the body. The new mother is then lovingly wrapped in blankets for a purifying sweat.

Rebozos are then wrapped around the new mother’s body and gently pulled to physically close the energetic centers and the bones.

The ceremony concludes with an opportunity for the new mother to talk about her experience, helping to process and integrate the depth of the ritual.

Postpartum couples healing ceremony

The arrival of a new human is the most wondrous of life events. Parents go through a profound transition which is most often overlooked by the medical community.  By taking time to witness and honor this amazing transformation, parents can release any traumas that may have occurred around the birth event, tap into a deeper source of wisdom within and gain support for the energetic shift in their lives, regardless of how many children they have already had

Coté and Starsong have created this powerful ceremony to acknowledge the amazing transformations parents go through and to help clear and release all that is no longer serving them.  Both parents are invited to share their birth experiences.  A guided meditation encourages them to connect with their deepest source of wisdom and then an energy clearing is done. Instruments and chanting generate beautiful vibrations that fill the cleared spaces with love, filling the ancestral lineage as well as the future lineage to help heal and manifest the highest expression of the Divine Unfolding.  Ceremony is 1.5 -2 hours long.


These sessions are a combination of energy work, singing bowls, drums, rattles, and song. Each session is customized to your current needs.

We start by talking about your issues and then we start the session. Here you are fully clothed, relaxing with soft music. Each session is different, powerful and designed to help you prepare or heal from your birth experience.

After the session we’ll discuss your experience and address your questions. Together we will create a plan to follow. My goal is to help you feel better and give you all the support you need during and after the session.

We are committed to reproductive justice for indigenous, black and POC. It is also our belief that no person needing or wanting our services should go without care for monetary funds. If you are financially unable to pay for our services, please ask about payment plans or sliding scale prices. If you are able to pay full price for our services, please do so. Paying full price allows us to continue to offer sliding scale for those in need.

Gracias! Thank you!

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