Natalie W. – Sound & Reiki


“I was having a difficult time dealing with some heavy issues in my life, and I sought out Cote’s services after a good friend of mine raved about them.  After a warm inviting welcome and a brief overview of what I was seeking, Cote went right to work after getting me comfortable on the table.  First was the singing bowl meditation, and it was like nothing else I’ve ever experienced.  The vibrations for each chakra were unique & grounding, and I particularly enjoyed the spoken meditations in which I was to focus on.  After the singing bowls, Cote moved onto the Reiki work.  She truly tuned into my energy and was able to focus on what areas in particular needed the most love.  After both the therapies, I felt relaxed and centered, more ready to deal with what I needed to, but most of all I felt peace and lightness.  Lightness not just of the body, but of my mind and spirit as well.  We discussed not only my own experience afterwards, but hers as well.  Cote revealed what she felt and gave me suggestions to help me also.  She was a complete professional and kept my session with her confidential.  I would highly recommend her to anyone (and I do any chance I get!).” Natalie W.

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