Svetlana – Doula Birth Support

Cote is amazing. Ill be hiring her when i have my 2nd child. She gets to know you well while you are pregnant. Makes it so much easier to trust and rely on her. When i texted her my broken waters, i felt its ok to send her such private pictures. She responded right away at 2am! She calmed me down and had some good tips. When i texted her screenshot of my contractions app, she called me within a moment. It was such a release for me when she arrived at my place. (I had home birth, so no epidural or any other pain drugs). I remember she came in, my mind totally went at ease and with her magic i dont even remember the last two hours of pain. I remember how i suddenly wanted to push and she said lets push then. Thats when midwives arrived and everything worked out so perfectly well. 

Cote also did my placenta encapsulation and placenta print. The print is so cool, she pencil touched it to emplify some parts and it looks like a piece of art ??

If you want experienced, soft, gentle, reliable, knowledgeable, present support, and so much more, look no further.

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