What makes this so special is the people I share it with.

I will be in your corner every step of the way!

What makes this so special is the people I share it with.

I will be in your corner every step of the way!

“My wife and I could not be more grateful that we got to have Coté as our Doula for the birth of our first child. It’s hard to imagine what the experience would have been like without her help, encouragement and advocacy. We always felt like there was someone we could trust in our corner from the day we met her. As the father, I did not have much knowledge or experience with Doula’s. To be honest, I was very skeptical about utilizing a Doula prior to being introduced to Coté.

Naively, I thought that the hospital and OBGYN would be more than enough. But once we had our first meeting with Coté I got to see the knowledgeable, understanding and thoughtful person that she is and I very quickly knew that we would be lucky to have her as our Doula. She was supportive before, during and after the birth of our child. She is someone who is both open to her client’s preferences and ready to give advice in both a professional and warm way that never felt like anything but advocacy or friendship. I could not speak more highly of her as a person and give her my best possible endorsement and gratitude. She is a wonderful human being and the person I’d want in our corner for any future children my wife and I have. Thank you thank you thank you, Coté."

Mark F.

Words can’t describe how incredible Coté is as a person and a doula. She was not only supportive, but strong, thoughtful, and fun throughout the whole birthing process. The meetings beforehand were helpful, informative, and meaningful. My husband and I felt so loved and cared for working with Coté.

There was a moment in our homebirth where Coté needed to take control before the midwives arrived. She handled it with confidence and made us feel safe and comfortable. Coté advocated for all my hopes and needs during the birth and brought so much good energy. We hope to have her at the birth of our next baby!! We love Coté !!! A.R“”

Audrey R.

““Having had 2 children born “conventionally” in the hospital with not the best experiences, when I got pregnant with my third, I knew I wanted it to be different. During my pregnancy, I had the most wonderful support from Cote Garceau.

She performed reflexology, guided me with nutrition support and would do guided meditation with her beautiful singing bowls. What a wonderful, relaxing thing to experience during a pregnancy! She also was the first to arrive at my home to support, witness and photograph the beautiful home birth of my son. Her calming presence and superior knowledge of how to interact with one’s whole self was something I will never forget and my family will treasure that birth experience forever”

Aimee D.

Coté was an incredible support during my planned home birth. She is so knowledgeable about pregnancy and birth and shows great respect for the physiological and spiritual process. She had the perfect mix of ceremony, common sense, and intuition. When my baby was crowning and the midwife hadn’t arrived yet, Coté’s calm, confident energy helped me stay connected in the moment. My partner was so relieved when Coté joined us for the labor. I am a doula and birth worker myself, and I could not have chose a better labor support. I recommend Coté every chance that I get"
We have had the pleasure of working with Coté for our last two births and her support was invaluable. Cote is an incredible doula. She is very knowledgeable and brings her wonderful energy. In 2019 she supported us through a VBAC and most recently 2022 she was present in welcoming our son in a home birth. Through both pregnancies Cote maintained communication with us and reached out periodically lending her support and going above and beyond. I can’t say enough great things about her. During the labor Coté seemed to be reading my mind and provided me with what I needed before I even asked for it. Coté is a true blessing to have on your team and if I was to do it again there is no question that I would solicit her support once again.
Coté was my doula for my second baby, who was born in the middle of the night in the Spring of 2021, and I could not have asked for a better experience. Coté has a lovely, warm, beautiful energy. During my pregnancy, she took her time to understand what my partner and I wanted from our birth experience and what our goals were, asked the right questions, and provided excellent support when I had questions or concerns about some things my midwives were monitoring a little more closely. She provided us with a refresher on the physiology of labor and birth, showed my partner comfort measures, and reviewed laboring positions with us. She also sang to me during our second prenatal visit, which was an incredibly beautiful and moving experience. During the actual labor & birth, she provided the best physical support and comfort measures, she sang to me while doing counter pressure during contractions – one of my favorite memories during my labor – was so calm and present, and she worked perfectly with my partner to support me.
Noshaba B.

“Cote is amazing. Ill be hiring her when i have my 2nd child. She gets to know you well while you are pregnant. Makes it so much easier to trust and rely on her. When i texted her my broken waters, i felt its ok to send her such private pictures. She responded right away at 2am! She calmed me down and had some good tips. When i texted her screenshot of my contractions app, she called me within a moment. It was such a release for me when she arrived at my place. (I had home birth, so no epidural or any other pain drugs). I remember she came in, my mind totally went at ease and with her magic i dont even remember the last two hours of pain. I remember how i suddenly wanted to push and she said lets push then. Thats when midwives arrived and everything worked out so perfectly well. Cote also did my placenta encapsulation and placenta print. The print is so cool, she pencil touched it to emplify some parts and it looks like a piece of art ?? If you want experienced, soft, gentle, reliable, knowledgeable, present support, and so much more, look no further."


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