“If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change”. 


Natural Therapies & Handcrafted Herbal Products

My Holistic Approach

My approach to healing combines the medicine found in nature and different forms of meditation. By using what mother nature has given us in body and in spirit we are able to live healthier lives. My products, while wonderful on their own, are enhanced when combined with one of the meditation forms I offer

My Herbal Products

My products are created using organic herbs, local raw honey, and other organic ingredients. I use the highest quality   ingredients from certified organics companies and ethically wild crafted plants from local prairies and woods . All my packaging is recyclable


To place an order or schedule a personal therapy session please call 630.261.5789 or email us at info@ourhealingroots.com. To contact us about general questions or concerns, please use the form below.